343 Industries Committed to Developing Halo in the Present and Future

343 Industries Will Continue to Develop Halo Franchise

Amidst the speculation that 343 Industries has been removed from heading up the Halo series, the studio took to Twitter to emphasize that they will still be “developing Halo both currently and in the future.”

Pierre Hintze, the head of 343 Industries, posted a statement on Twitter confirming that Halo and its iconic protagonist will remain a part of the studio’s future plans. He declared that 343 Industries will continue to create amazing stories, multiplayer experiences, and other elements that make Halo so beloved.

On the anniversary of the [Activision Blizzard announcement], Microsoft carried out mass layoffs of 10,000 people, which included some personnel from Xbox Game Studios, The Coalition, 343 Industries, and Bethesda. Following that, Joseph Staten, the director of Halo Infinite, reportedly departed from 343 Industries and returned to Xbox publishing.

It was whispered that 343 Industries had been taken off the development of the Halo series, and that third-party studios would be creating new titles instead. According to Metro, the leaker named Bathrobe Spartan even said the story-based expansions for Halo Infinite had already been called off.

343 Industries has made a statement confirming that they are here to stay and are not going anywhere due to the rumors.

Since its unveiling, Halo Infinite has certainly been through its ups and downs; from its highly debated E3 2020 demo, to its initial, unpopular Battle Pass and progression system that was soon amended, all the way to the removal of split-screen co-op.

The Halo Infinite team has done a great job taking into consideration fan feedback, and it has been reflected in our scores of 9/10 for both the single-player campaign and multiplayer.

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