An influential Street Fighter tournament is switching from PlayStations to PCs

Street Fighter Fire Fight

Anytime you attend an offline fighting game tournament, it is likely the majority of the competitors will be playing on a console. For a while, PlayStation has been the most popular gaming system to use, with titles such as Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ regularly being played on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Nevertheless, Capcom has taken a different approach for the upcoming Capcom Cup by deciding to switch up the platform.

The publisher has revealed its intention to use PC setups for an upcoming week-long tournament in February, as The Verge reported. The purpose of this decision is to address the issue of input lag which has been plaguing the PlayStation version of Street Fighter 5. Although the game runs at 60fps, the PC version has lower input lag and can be improved even more when running it on a 144Hz monitor.

The FGC has given the move a warm reception, since many of them had been asking for an event-wide transition from console to computer. Arturo ‘Sabin’ Sanchez was one of the most vocal advocates for the change, informing The Verge that the decision was “100% the right move for several documented reasons”, such as a “better controller response”. On Twitter, Sabin remarked that Capcom had “made the right call” and should be “applauded” for it.

It may take a while for us to observe widespread platform shifts. Consoles tend to be more straightforward to configure, cheaper to acquire, and less difficult to maintain identical across set-ups. I have experience attending local tournaments that have been built up from people bringing their own equipment to enhance the number of participants. I was also able to run a casual Tekken 7 event by collecting my friends and their PlayStation 4 consoles.

It cannot be denied that PC tournaments offer advantages in terms of more precise response times and less input lag. However, for offline events, consistency is a must. This is to make sure that every set-up is the same, granting every participant the same level playing field.

Price has long been an issue that hinders or explains why people would not opt for the transition. Nevertheless, with the challenge of obtaining a PS5 and the comparable cost of both a PS5 and a quality gaming laptop, the moment is more opportune than ever for major gamers to start making the move.

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