Switch Version of ARK: Survival Evolved to Receive Ragnarok DLC on February 7

ARK Survival Evolved to Receive Ragnarok DLC on February 7

The ARK: Survival Evolved title for Nintendo Switch will be receiving a no-cost DLC update on February 7th, courtesy of the developers at Studio Wildcard. This expansion, Ragnarok, will bring one of the most expansive map updates ever to the game, introducing players to a plethora of new biomes such as caverns, volcanoes and hot springs. As you explore the mysterious island, you will be challenged to survive.

In 2015, ARK: Survival Evolved was released, which puts you in the shoes of a survivor on the island of ARK. To survive, you must hunt, gather, and craft items. You can even capture, tame, and ride wild prehistoric and mythical creatures while exploring the expansive, scaled open world, similar to games such as Monster Hunter and The Forest. The Ragnarok DLC is the first of six free updates available for the Switch version.

The upcoming ARK update promises to offer a novel experience with a 144 square kilometer map that will include aspects from other ARK titles on different platforms like Lost Island and Scorched Earth. Players can traverse icy mountains and come across new creatures such as Ice Wyverns, soar in the skies on the back of a Griffon, or confront a magma monster inside an active volcano.

After making an initial splash on Steam, the ARK video game franchise has had plenty of updates and additions released to multiple platforms before its arrival on Switch in 2018. This has improved the overall gameplay experience, including featuring a famous voice cast. The Switch version allows players to face the Ragnarok challenge either by themselves in solo survival mode or online with a group of other survivors.

The popular game ARK: Survival Evolved can be bought on a variety of platforms, including Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. On the Nintendo eShop, players can choose between the core game, priced at $19.99, and the Ultimate Survivor Edition, which costs $49.99. Whichever version is selected, the player will be eligible to receive the free upgrade when it is released.

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