Season 2 of Call of Duty Mobile: Heavy Metal is Unveiled

Call of Duty Mobile Plans for Season 2

The TiMi Studio Group has been working hard to make Call of Duty Mobile an ongoing success by introducing Season 2: Heavy Metal. Following the conclusion of Season 13, the game’s schedule has been given a refresh, with Heavy Metal bringing its own unique rewards, just like all of the other seasons before it.

The upcoming update to the Call of Duty Mobile game is set to bring a variety of additions to the multiplayer lineup, such as a new map, weapons, and game modes. Although Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the latest installment in the series, Call of Duty Mobile players are typically satisfied with the content provided by TiMi Studio Group. This is due to the inclusion of popular characters, maps, weapons, and game modes, along with their continuing commitment to improve the game.

The Multiplayer map, Diesel, from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is scheduled to be released in Call of Duty Mobile with Season 2: Heavy Metal on February 22nd. Additionally, players will have access to new variants of Control and Goliath games, the “Chaos Control” and “Goliath Clash” respectively. Moreover, TiMi Studio Group is introducing a new battle royale class called the Ravager Launcher, which can place a sentry turret or use a high damage lock-on missile to take out enemies.

Players of Call of Duty Mobile will be able to take on limited-time challenges with rewards on offer and access a rotating in-game shop to customize their battlefield presence. Season 2: Heavy Metal is bringing back the Maddox assault rifle from Black Ops 4 and various attachments for players to upgrade as they progress. To further bolster their loadout options, the new Unit Support perk is available to assist with levelling up.

As the release of updates for Call of Duty Mobile do not occur simultaneously, some gamers may find themselves staying up late on February 22 in anticipation of the Heavy Metal update, which will be rolled out at 4:00 PM Pacific Time. Consequently, existing players have just a few days left to complete what remains of Season 1: Reawakening before the arrival of the new content.

The popular shooter game Call of Duty Mobile is now accessible on both Android and iOS devices.

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