Call of Duty Fans Request Reinstatement of Classic Accessory

Call of Duty fight

Some fans of earlier Call of Duty titles have taken a stand and stated their desire for a classic weapon attachment to reappear in newer versions. Since Call of Duty is released each year, the weapons and features are continually changing, and it is hard to predict what will make a comeback in the up and coming version, regardless of how popular it was.

The [Call of Duty] franchise has experienced a lot of different generations, and many of these moments are fondly remembered. These can range from memorable scenes that become memes, creatively designed setpieces, to even bits of the gameplay that demonstrate the “power fantasy” that these titles promote. This applies to both the single-player mode and the multiplayer, with the latter particularly notorious for providing a wide selection of “overpowered” weapons and accessories.

The Tactical Knife is an attachment for pistols that changes the way the player character holds their gun, allowing for quicker melee strikes which can result in fast kills. This attachment was brought to attention by Reddit user chicken-master200 in a post expressing their wish for it to be brought back. Unfortunately, it appears that the developers behind the Call of Duty games have forgotten about it, even though other beloved components of the franchise, such as Gun Game, have been reintroduced.

This post has garnered 1,800 upvotes so far, and many people have shared their opinions on the Tactical Knife. These opinions have been diverse, some arguing that Call of Duty’s throwing knives have been a suitable replacement, others suggesting ways to mix the Tactical Knife with throwing knives, and a few expressing nostalgia for the attachment when it was in the games.

In lieu of the possibility that there won’t be a mainline Call of Duty game this year, some have proposed that a remaster of Modern Warfare 3 could take its place. This could bring back weapons and attachments such as the Tactical Knife, as the other two games in the original trilogy have already been released on modern platforms, with Modern Warfare 2 only having the campaign. Consequently, remastering Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with multiplayer could mean the Tactical Knife’s return and provide a platform to gauge the modern players’ response to it.

Call of Duty 2023 is rumored for release November 10 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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