Carla, a Fresh Face in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 New Character Carla

Ahead of its April release, the makers of Dead Island 2, Deep Silver, have released a trailer promoting a new character, Carla. While the Dead Island and Riptide titles were quite popular, the series has been overshadowed by other zombie games in recent times. Nevertheless, Dead Island 2 could be the game to bring back the initial success.

Continuing the ongoing series, Deep Silver has revealed Carla, a character from Dead Island 2 that excels in melee combat. Joining Carla in the game are Amy, a professional athlete, Jacob, a stuntman, Ryan, an exotic dancer, and Dani, a retail assistant that each bring their own perks, drawbacks, and personalities. With two months until release, there is likely to be more characters revealed for Dead Island 2 that join the diverse cast already mentioned.

A short video was recently posted by the YouTube account for Dead Island 2, which showcased the hero Carla and her two powerful attacks, Dig Deep and Mosh Pit. The former of these attacks is represented by Carla jumping up before generating a shockwave that causes zombies to fall like bowling pins. The latter creates an electric wall around the character that makes undead foes easier to defeat. These moves are depicted by cards similar to those found in titles like Inscryption or Gwent, with the Mosh Pit card showing Carla being grasped by ghostly hands and Dig Deep displaying the protagonist closing her eyes with cracks all over her body.

The newly released Dead Island 2 gameplay clip highlights some zombies that are expected to be more formidable than the rest, with one in particular resembling the Unrelenting Force shout from Skyrim. Carla, according to her stats, hails from Los Angeles, possesses an adrenaline addiction, loathes boredom and was a mechanic before the zombie plague. In line with the other characters already revealed, Carla’s trailer also features the voice of the playable character in Dead Island 2 when it is released.

The collector’s edition of Dead Island 2 includes a weapon and character pack, so there could be more customisation options for Carla after the game launches. Whilst games such as State of Decay 2 have added extra characters via add-ons, it is not known if Dead Island 2 will offer more slayer characters than what is available at the beginning.

Dead Island 2 will be available to play on April 28 for gamers on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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