Commencing Next Week – Valentine’s Day 2023 Event in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 Valentine's Day

Beginning next week, Final Fantasy 14 will host its own Valentine’s Day event for a limited duration. Participants will be able to obtain various rewards, and as usual, Final Fantasy 14 players will have a special story to accompany the celebration.

Final Fantasy 14 features virtual holidays that correspond to some of the major celebrations that happen in the real world. Recently, Heavensturn was held, which was modeled on the Lunar New Year and commemorated the Year of the Rabbit. Although the festivities only last up to fourteen days, players can buy items from previous yearly holidays from the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store for up to twelve months after the event.

The Final Fantasy 14 event for Valentine’s Day, known as Valentione’s Day, will run from Wednesday, February 1 at the stroke of midnight Pacific Time until Wednesday, February 15 at 7 AM. The title of the event this year is “To Thine Own Love Be True” and it is being held in Gridania. Those who wish to participate can go to Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre and get the level 15 mission “Suited for Affection” from Lisette de Valentione, which is the same place where the Starlight Celebration was hosted back in December 2022.

Players who complete the related quests this year will receive the “Eat Chocolate” emote, a Valentione’s Heart Desk for their homes, and a coffer with a set of either the Vested or Frilled Emissary’s Attire, depending on the player character’s gender. This choice to restrict the gear to certain genders caused a significant amount of backlash from Final Fantasy 14 players online. Some also noted that when Patch 6.3 was released recently, certain outfits first acquired during Valentione’s Day were gender-unlocked after some time had passed. However, the Vested and Frilled Emissy’s Attire will be purchasable with gil while the event is still running, which gives players the chance to acquire them in case Square Enix eventually gender-unlocks them.

For last year’s Valentione’s Day, Final Fantasy 14 players were able to acquire a Postmoogle-themed Chocobo barding and a heart-shaped mobile. These two items, plus all the Valentione’s Day items from the past, will be available on the Online Store beginning next week. Those who want to get their hands on a cheerful item should remember to shop and save.

The latest installment of Final Fantasy 14 can be played on PC, PS4, and the new PS5.

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