Ceasing All Sales and Future Content, CrossfireX Closes Its Service on May 18

CrossfireX Ends Service May 18th

Smilegate, developer and publisher of CrossfireX, have announced that the game will no longer be accessible after May 18th of this year. According to the FAQ mentioned, not even the single-player campaigns will be playable post-closure.

The official website has declared with deep sorrow that CrossfireX will no longer be supported after May 18, 2023.

The cause of the game’s cancellation is not known, yet the studio declared that even with its multiple content updates and fixes, the game still did not meet its required standards. Due to this, the tough decision to discontinue the shooter was made. Those who already bought “Operation Catalyst and Operation Spectre” will still be able to play until the servers are shut down on May 18, 2023 – 00:00 UTC.

At this point, all transactions taking place on the Xbox Store have been put on hold and the release of new content (maps, modes, etc.) has been stopped. Moreover, buying CFP/GP is not an option anymore. Gamers who have in-game currency can continue to use it in the store and those who have made any purchases within the last 14 days, starting from February 3, have the chance to request a refund through Xbox’s official support.

Remedy Entertainment developed the paid single-player component of Crossfire, which can currently be accessed with Crossfire HD on PC. Additionally, the Operation Catalyst campaign of the Crossfire X version has been playable on Xbox Game Pass. However, it has been announced that this campaign will no longer be available on the subscription service after February 15th.


Crossfire is a popular shooter game in Asia, particularly in China, and CrossfireX was an effort to widen its audience with Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment. Supporters should look out for the upcoming narrative experience from the Smilegate partner That’s No Moon. This studio is comprised of ex-Naughty Dog and Infinity Ward members, and Smilegate has poured in $100 million into the studio’s inaugural project. As of yet, no release date or details on Smilegate’s plans after CrossfireX have been given.

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