Zombie Comedy That Dead Island 2 Followers Will Appreciate Is Overlooked

Dead Island 2

The zombie genre has the unique capability to be adapted to any kind of tone, setting, and context. The undead creatures appear in a wide range of different works of fiction and bring them together, as is the case with Dambuster Studio’s Dead Island 2 and Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die. Despite their divergent styles, the presence of zombies in both unites them.

One might not always view it as a compliment when someone compares a film to a video game, as video games are frequently considered inferior to other forms of media in terms of story and writing. However, at other times the comparison is not intended to be either positive or negative, but instead to draw out the parallels between two versions of the same subject.

What can one expect from the movie The Dead Don’t Die?

Jim Jarmusch is renowned for his distinctive and individualistic filmmaking style. His films move slowly, his sense of humour is often unknown to most, and his minimalist approach to design is remarkable. He rejects being labeled an “auteur” yet he insists on having the final say in all his independent productions. It is hard to name his best-known creation, but his 1999 movie Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai gained considerable attention. His 2013 project Only Lovers Left Alive applied an interesting twist to the classic vampire theme by showing them as weary. His 2016 film Paterson achieved universal praise before and after it was streamed on Amazon Prime Video. His most recent film is The Dead Don’t Die (2019), where he tries his hand at another classic monster.

The Dead Don’t Die brings together a star-studded cast, many of whom have worked with Jarmusch in the past, to fight a horde of zombies in the small town of Centerville. Bill Murray and Adam Driver star as Police Chief Cliff and his partner Ronnie, attempting to protect the locals. Tilda Swinton adds an extra layer of action-movie panache with her portrayal of a wild Scottish woman wielding a samurai sword. The movie is saturated with weird moments, feeling almost like a sketch comedy featuring zombies. Iggy Pop, RZA, and Tom Waits all make cameos as the undead, while Sturgill Simpson plays a singing zombie. Steve Buscemi and Selena Gomez also appear, making for a pleasant surprise. The whole film is filled with crazy Hammer Horror gore, and an even crazier explanation of the zombie epidemic.

In what way is Dead Island 2 relevant?

There should be no connection between a huge-budget video game and an offbeat independent movie from a well-known director, but in many ways, they are like equal and opposite projects. Dead Island 2’s ambitious version of Los Angeles is the antithesis of The Dead Don’t Die’s humble small town setting. The humor, visuals, and dedication to the project are similar in the two settings; since the town in the movie is minuscule and old-fashioned, the movie has a tranquil and quirky atmosphere, while Dead Island 2, set in the bright and bustling metropolis of L.A., is full of action and gore.

Though Dead Island 2 and The Dead Don’t Die are not related, it is interesting to note the ways in which the zombie genre can adapt to different works. It is often humorous, as seen in Zombieland, or it can be taken seriously, like in The Walking Dead and World War Z. However, the two works in question have taken a markedly different approach to the same concept. Despite this, the end result remains surprisingly close in tone.

Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die is an experimental experience while Dead Island 2 has a more traditional video game feel. It’s hard to tell if the game is moving towards cinema or not. Both works incorporate violence and satire into the zombie genre, yet they come from two very different perspectives. Comparing the two projects gives an interesting glimpse into how varied zombie stories can be. Check out Dead Island 2 and The Dead Don’t Die to distinguish the similarities and differences between them.

Dead Island 2 available for gamers on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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