Technical Director of ‘Dead Space’ Remake Finds It Too Intense

Dead Space Remake Finds It Too Intense

The technical director of the remake of Dead Space has confessed that it is too terrifying for him to play the game during the night, apart from daylight hours.

In an interview with PLAY magazine, David Robillard, technical director for the Dead Space remake, revealed that he cannot play the game with headphones at night as it is too frightening an experience due to its immense level of immersion. This was reported by GamesRadar.

Below are four images that compare the remake and the original of a game. The first and second images compare the hangar, while the last two images compare the recreated area:

The following images compare a remake of a game with its original version. The first pair compare the hangar, while the second pair compare the recreated area.

He admitted that he can’t listen to the game with headphones when he plays it at night. He was overwhelmed by the amount of realism and atmosphere, not only visually, but also through the sound, ambience and effects. The systems in the game are designed to create a chilling atmosphere.

The entire game of Dead Space has been remade in EA’s Frostbite engine, with Eric Baptizat, game director of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director, in charge. They have promised to give the game “brand new assets, character models, and settings.”

Robillard acknowledges that while they had the support of devoted fans to ensure they captured the essence of the original game and added new elements, they have exceeded expectations with the new version of the game. To get feedback, the developers consulted with admirers of the series every six weeks in the early development stages.

He stated in an interview that these actions, already feasible on PS4, are now being accomplished at a much higher quality level. This has made the game genre much more captivating and brings the whole experience together.

In order to make sure that the players never felt completely safe, a way was necessary to fill the empty spaces. As Robillard put it, “You will get jumped” – meaning that there was always a chance that someone would be after your virtual lunch money. He concluded with a reminder to stay alert – “Somebody wants your lunch money, and they’re not friendly.”

The remake of Dead Space will be released on January 27, 2021 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC and can be pre-purchased in several different editions. In this title, engineer Isaac Clarke is once again among the few survivors of a disaster on the Ishimura mining vessel in deep space, similar to its predecessor.

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