Successful launch for horror experience Dead Space Remake with more than 30,000 players

Dead Space Remake Flying

Long-awaited Dead Space Remake is finally here. But the performance problems and the resulting stuttering made the gaming experience a bit cloudy. However, the first Steam player numbers suggest that the remake could become a real hit for EA.

Steam hits 30,000 players on Dead Space.

The high score, which can be found on the SteamDB website, indicates impressive success. Especially when you consider that the stated number of players played the space shooter at the same time on Steam alone.

Still, to be fair, many other triple-A blockbusters have had a much more successful start. EA’s Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 each had over 100,000 players immediately after their release on Steam.

What is the goal of the Dead Space remake? Electronic Arts and Motive Studios presented Dead Space as an untested 2008 classic. In the role of the technician Isaac Clark, you go on a planet mining ship to stop a technical malfunction. But soon it becomes clear that something is wrong on board the spaceship and the horror experience begins. Apart from a graphical upgrade and the partly great overhaul of game mechanics, the developers have also made a number of other changes and additions.

In addition, the title is also available on PC gaming, the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, the Epic Games Store and the EA Launcher.

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