Bugs Addressed with the Renewed Version of Dead Space

Dead Space Remake Patch Fixes Bugs

Motive Studio has just released a patch for the latest Dead Space installment. Even in the current gaming climate where titles are expected to run without hitches when they launch, developers are now able to make improvements and address existing bugs post-release through the use of patches. This is the case with Dead Space, which is now being updated to deal with any remaining glitches in the game.

When it was launched on January 27, 2023, Dead Space was met with enthusiastic reviews. This remake of the 2008 title is a survival-horror action shooter in third-person view which has been improved and adapted for the latest consoles. The main character, Isaac Clarke, remains the same as in the original, while the concept and plot have been slightly altered. Moreover, a new alternate ending has been included in the New Game Plus mode.

The latest update for Dead Space, version 1.005, has been released. While the patch itself is fairly minor, it does address some of the more prominent launch-day bugs. It also brings to the table some new features such as Steam Deck improvements and the enabling of HDR10+. Moreover, the patch has facilitated access to the game’s previously available suit visuals. This update allows players of Dead Space to access cosmetic levels from the past.

Dead Space Remake Patch

The unfortunate bug in Dead Space that makes the Hunter more challenging hasn’t been fixed in this patch. It is hoped that it will be addressed in a future update, since some players may be impeded. Additionally, it is hoped that in the future, further patches will emerge to fix other potential issues, as well as enhance compatibility and quality-of-life aspects. It should be noted that Dead Space is in no way a broken game; however, the team may encounter problems that were not present at launch or may only become evident after the patch.

Dead Space could do with a bit more tinkering in terms of gameplay. A handful of weapons may come across as a bit too strong, and the randomness of pick-ups from crates could make the game more challenging for some players than others. Motive Studio has the potential to make further improvements, requiring a few more patches and tweaks to make the game perfect, but it is still a remarkable experience overall.

Modifications to Dead Space in Update 1.005:

  • Enhancements to Steam Deck
  • The game will now recognize when a player has already obtained the Crew Quarters key card before arriving at Chapter 10 and being assigned the quest ‘Find the Crew Deck key’. If you have reached this point in a saved game and the game is not updating, you should take a short journey away from the area (about 60 seconds) and then return, which should cause the game to update.
  • The door to the security station will now unlock properly after the communication with Daniels concludes during the mission ‘Locate the source of the broadcast’. If upon loading a save the door is still on standby, a solution is to ride the tram to another station and back, wait for 30 seconds and the door will unlock.
  • You will no longer be able to launch the asteroid before destroying the gravity tethers, which helps to avoid any issues with the game getting stuck. If you are already stuck in a saved game upon loading, the game will update once the player has destroyed the tethers. If the tethers have not been destroyed, you should do this, and then the game should update.
  • Fixed an issue where Dr. Kyne was not spawning in the Chief Steward’s office. This will be fixed if the current objective is scrambled with ornithologist symbols. To remedy this, you should go back to the Cantina, then return to the Hunter fight room. This should launch the proper quest flow. Follow the quest markers until you reach Kyne’s sequence.
  • We now make it possible to equip the visuals of a previously acquired suit —> Any visuals that have been acquired are available in Storage and can be equipped by selecting them and choosing the “Equip” action. To take off a cosmetic, you should pick the suit that is currently being worn from Storage, and select the “Unequip” option. Changing the visual aspect of a suit does not affect the upgrades you have obtained. Suits are acquired like this: Purchase level 2 -> Receive level 1 cosmetic, Purchase level 3 -> Acquire level 2 cosmetic, etc… If you have already obtained certain suit upgrades in a save, the player will be automatically awarded the cosmetics in the Storage.
  • Enabled HDR10+
  • A few other fixes may improve the experience, please let us know here once you have updated your game and given it a try.

Dead Space can be played on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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