Destiny 2 Access Resumes After Experiencing Title Issues

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is now functioning properly after a hotfix that made the game unavailable for almost 20 hours. A few players raised flags when they noticed some Triumphs had disappeared, which caused the team behind Destiny 2 to take it offline for a quick solution, adding to the many technical problems occurring recently.

The patch for Destiny 2 was highly anticipated due to its promise of removing Rare engrams (called blue drops) after players reached the soft gear cap and replacing it with Glimmer instead. This change was something the Destiny community had long asked for in order to better manage their inventories and gear. However, soon after the hotfix went live, numerous bug reports and threads started to appear, with most of them highlighting that Triumphs and Seals had disappeared for some players. Bungie promptly declared that Destiny 2 would be taken offline to look into the reports.

Bungie later verified that a repair was in the process of being tested and that player saves would be returned to their condition prior to the update. This represented the third time Destiny 2 had to resort to rolling back player accounts, which would nullify any progress made from the Weekly Reset, including completed missions, Exotic item acquisition, and Raid completions. Hotfix has been released simultaneously with the rollback, and players are currently attempting to identify what alterations stayed and if the preceding server instability keeps on.

The Bungie Help Twitter account announced that certain systems had been reactivated on web, mobile, and 3rd-party apps, however this did not seem to alleviate the worries of Destiny 2 users that caused #Destiny3 to become popular on social media. In recent weeks, complaints concerning server problems and connection errors in Destiny 2 have been intensifying, and coming to a head at the end of last month as Bungie was obliged to turn off its API for a second time during the Season of the Seraph, which has been accepted favorably.

Many players are anxious about the impact of certain issues on the forthcoming Lightfall expansion, which is set to launch on February 28. The trailer for Neomuna, a cyberpunk-style Neptune city that will be part of the expansion, showcased its verticality, something that has not been seen in Destiny 2 before. Despite its potential, the current state of the game’s infrastructure may diminish the impact of the new expansion.

The newest installment of Destiny 2 is now out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Fans of the game can look forward to the upcoming Lightfall expansion set to be released on February 28 across all platforms.

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