Setting the Stage: Destiny 2’s ViDoc for Lightfall and What Lies Beyond

Destiny 2 ViDoc Lightfall Expansion

With the release of Lightfall, the newest expansion of Destiny 2, scheduled to launch in less than two weeks, Bungie has created a ViDoc to provide a comprehensive review of the changes and new features being added. Previous discussions of the game’s new subclass have been predominant, however, the ViDoc offers a unique look into Bungie’s design process, giving every expansion of Destiny 2 its own distinct flavor.

In Destiny 2: Lightfall, Guardians will face off against the Witness’s forces, headed by the former Cabal Emperor Calus. As the conflict between Light and Darkness intensifies, players will battle in Neomuna, the cyberpunk-themed city hidden on Neptune. The verticality of the city will require Guardians to use the power of Strand to maneuver around and take down the new threats.

The ViDoc “As Light Falls” mostly concentrates on the narrative of the expansion. Bungie discusses the Witness’s mission in unveiling the secrets of the Light and Traveler, and how the events of Lightfall will influence the future of Destiny 2 towards the Final Shape expansion. Bungie clarifies that The Final Shape is the finale of the saga of Light and Darkness in Destiny 2, and then the game will move on to newer horizons after the finale. The developers further talk about Strand and how the speculation of a Poison-based subclass inspired them to search for something more distinctive.

No expense was spared when the art team fashioned the modern and aerodynamic design of Neomuna. This included an Arcade-themed Lost Sector and a Pouka Pond housing fish-like organisms first seen in the Beyond Light expansion. The ViDoc also revealed two fresh characters: Nimbus and Rohan, known as Cloudstriders, who are the protectors of Destiny 2 ‘s Neomuna – a revelation that will likely surprise many gamers.

The new Season of Defiance for Destiny 2 is focused on protecting the European Dead Zone and emphasizes how being a Guardian means protecting the inhabitants of the Last City. A video documentary revealed that Lightfall is going to bring significant changes to the build crafting system of the game. It was also discussed that Guardian Ranks will be featured, with a commendation and appraisal system available to help players demonstrate their skills and gain higher rankings. Altogether, Lightfall looks like it will be a big undertaking for Destiny 2 fans, and the wait won’t be too long.

Destiny 2 can be acquired for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Lightfall extension is planned to be unveiled on all systems on February 28.

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