Season 28 of Diablo 3 to Shake Up the Game Starting February 24

Diablo 3 Season 28 Begins February 24

Blizzard’s Diablo III is set to undergo a massive transformation when Season 28 debuts on February 24 with the introduction of a new, game-wide progression system. This will be a major change to the critically acclaimed ARPG.

Blizzard has already given some insight into what to expect from Season 28, which will feature the Altar of Rites as its star. This account-wide progression system will bestow some significant bonuses and legendary potions to players throughout the season and can be accessed via a talent tree. As progression is made, progressively rarer items and materials will be needed to be sacrificed at the Altar of Rites.

The advantages acquired from the Altar of Rites go beyond just providing stat boosts. They can be anything from not having a level limit on certain items to massive flat damage or speed bonuses. There’s even a perk that enables pets to pick up and salvage items, similar to Torchlight. Acquiring all 26 of the perks, as well as three legendary potions, will award players with the Wings of Terror cosmetic, allowing them to show off the appearance of the Lord of Terror.

Diablo III’s recently-released major progression system update made a huge impact, evidenced by the five-fold surge in active players on the game’s public test realm. Following the PTR period, Blizzard has revised some of the update’s properties in a blog post, including a specific legendary potion that previously gave a random shrine or pylon effect. To avoid a game-breaking situation, the potion will now only grant a random shrine or the dimensional power pylon effect.

Diablo III’s Season 28 update introduces a new way to craft Primal items using Kanai’s Cube, and salvaging them will provide 55 Primordial Ashes. Additionally, several Monk skills and class set items, like the Demon Hunter’s Natalya’s Vengeance set, have been amended. These changes should help players progress further within the Altar of Rites.

June 6 marks the launch of Diablo IV, and this installment of the series will mimic the seasonal format of Diablo III and a battle pass system will be included. Blizzard has been adamant that these elements will only provide cosmetic benefits and not extra strength to players. Despite the anticipated release, Diablo IV’s production has been said to experience a host of issues, such as crunch and inadequate management.

It is now possible to preorder Diablo 4, with various editions and extras up for grabs.

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