Allegations of Dragon Age Dreadwolf Featuring Hack N’ Slash Combat and a Hub Area Comparable to Destiny’s

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Hack N' Slash Combat And Destiny-Like Hub Area

The upcoming RPG from studio Bioware, Dragon Age Dreadwolf, is said to incorporate Final Fantasy 15-style combat and a Destiny-like hub area, as per anonymous sources from Insider Gaming. Bioware’s latest update affirms that the game finished its alpha development stage four months back and is now preparing for full launch.

Two outlets have reported the presence of leftover multiplayer elements in the current build of the game, which is not really a shock. Dragon Age Dreadwolf was initially expected to be an MMO experience akin to Anthem, but Bloomberg noted in 2021 that EA and Bioware changed their plans to a single-player approach after noticing the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Dragon Age

Insider Gaming’s source commented that the game had some similarities to Destiny, however, this doesn’t mean the title is having difficulty establishing its own identity. Dreadwolf’s hub area is likely to be an important component in the single-player component, giving players the opportunity to bring characters in from missions and use the hub to modify their equipment and give them modifications, much like its predecessors.

Players will be able to use a mirrored portal in the hub to engage in missions and fighting, which is said to be similar to the hack n’ slash system from Final Fantasy 15 as indicated by a person who recently experienced the game. This is a change from past Dragon Age titles, which have combined real-time action and tactical strategy for combat. Also, the unnamed source reported that Dragon Age Dreadwolf will follow FF15’s path and not allow players to control their characters in battle, just which abilities they can employ. It is still unknown if Dreadwolf will include the update from FF15 that gave access to other party members.

The release date of Dragon Age Dreadwolf has yet to be revealed, and the most recent report from Insider Gaming contains no new information. Those speculating on the game suggest it may not be in its final stages given the lack of voice lines and placeholder text, and they assume it will most likely be available to the public in 2024. As a continuation of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dreadwolf will feature the return of Solas and his new role in the game, which was revealed in a recently released in-game cinematic.

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