Unsatisfactory Outcome of Elden Ring Hoodie

Elden Ring

A follower of Elden Ring who had purchased a hoodie related to the open-world title was understandably let down once they received it. It’s not a surprise that Elden Ring merchandise has made its way to stores, given the game’s popularity, yet unfortunately not all of the items meet FromSoftware’s high standards.

Tarnished Flesh stocks its shelves with armor, and players of Elden Ring can amass a collection of helmets, boots, gloves, and chest plates that rivals any celebrity’s fashion sense. The FromSoftware fan base have determined that the real endgame isn’t New Game +7 or challenge runs, but fashion: creative combinations of armor pieces that provide Dark Souls 3 and other games with longevity.

Therefore, merchandise from Elden Ring would be a desirable item. Nevertheless, one Reddit user, Valker902, was sadly disappointed when their hoodie had a printing error. A photo shows them holding the item up, which had the cover art from the game on it but, unfortunately, the words Elden Ring were not printed correctly. The first and last letters were cut off, leaving the hoodie simply reading “LDEN RIN.”

The lacking “E” and “G” are visible on the sleeves, but not in any way that could make up for the blunder. Although some shared their compassion, most comments unsurprisingly included humorous lines such as “upon my name as [Godfrey], the first lden lord.” Fortunately, Elden can still be pronounced as intended without the “E”, but the same cannot be said for Ring. Godfrey would not have been as intimidating or captivating had the two letters been absent from all of his spoken lines.

The much-anticipated Elden Ring has become a well-known IP that is not restricted to apparel designs and Bandai Namco’s shop. Multiple projects have been made by people all over the world, with action figures and item imitations being some of the top picks. To finish off 2022, an artist made a remarkable diorama of the Radahn Festival that even included Patches’ iconic fleeing the clash if summoned.

Elden Ring is now accessible for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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