Mod for Fallout 4 Adds Upscaling Support for Nvidia, AMD, and Intel

Fallout 4 Mod Adds Support for Nvidia AMD, and Intel

For followers of image upscaling and the post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4, there is the pleasure of knowing that it now supports the technology of Nvidia, AMD, and Intel. Since Bethesda’s takeover of the franchise with the third installment, transforming the games from isometric to FPS titles, it has become a highly acclaimed series. Fallout is renowned for its many vaults, its broken open-world vistas, and its often black humor about humankind.

Soon, Fallout 4 will be available on Xbox Series consoles and PS5, giving gamers more opportunities to explore the post-apocalyptic version of Boston. The original game is already quite expansive, but the community has created even more custom mods to improve the Bethesda formula. This new modification should be especially appealing to those who take pride in graphical details.

Recently, Nexus Mods user PureDark released an Upscaling Mod for Fallout 4, as reported by DSO Gaming. This plugin adds support for various upscaling technologies, including Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, version 2 of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution and Intel’s Xe Super Sampling. Despite the lack of examples of the mod in action, some users have provided images and videos to illustrate the improvements that the upscaling software brings to the game. It is important to note that the plugin does not work with the Enhanced Natural Beauty (ENB) modification.

Upscaling is a type of AI that permits a video game to appear sharper without taxing a computer’s hardware. It redraws the pixels on-screen to match higher resolutions. For instance, a 1080p game can be “upscaled” to 1440p without consuming additional GPU power. Nvidia’s DLSS, which needs an RTX card, works with hundreds of titles, while AMD and Intel’s alternatives are more open-source.

Fallout 4 has so much to do that it’s no wonder it’s still popular seven years later. With the addition of modifications, gamers will probably still enjoy this version of post-apocalyptic America for quite a while. It will likely be a long time before the fifth version of the game comes out.

The post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4 can be experienced on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with enhanced versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S slated for release in 2023.

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