Splatoon Gamer Proposes a New Boss for Salmon Run Mode

Fan of Splatoon 3 Shares Concept for New Salmon Run Boss

A fan has come up with an idea of a fresh boss for Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 3. The mode made its debut with the release of Splatoon 2 and was reborn with Splatoon 3, with a new selection of bosses and maps.

In Salmon Run mode, players are tasked with battling Salmonids to collect golden eggs within three or more rounds. The most common Salmonids attacking are the lesser ones that use melee strikes, while the difficult bosses from the upcoming Splatoon 3 use their unique abilities. Before the clock runs out, all of the eggs must be picked up and put into a basket.

The Salmon Run boss abilities in Splatoon 3’s multiplayer are often based on its special weapons. For instance, the Drizzler boss has an ability comparable to the Ink Storm weapon while the Big Shot’s projectiles resemble the Wave Breaker’s. Reddit user Sharkino0710 proposed a new Salmon Run boss called the Stewdrone, which is a pot of salmon stew with propellors on either side and a large tube at the bottom.

In a post about the Stewdrone, its creator shared some details on the Salmon Run boss’ function. The primary ability is that of the Ink Vac, a weapon-like tool that vacuums up ink from players within a short distance. Players can defeat it by throwing a Splat Bomb into its vacuum, clogging the tube and unlocking the lid – this allows them to attack the Salmonid. This strategy is similar to what should be done to Maws and Flyfish, which should be defeated by aiming a Splat Bomb carefully.

Since its release, Splatoon 3 has been kept alive with the inclusion of fresh content, like the new Marooners Bay Salmon Run map. To further enhance this feature, gamers have proposed that new bosses be added to Salmon Run. This would capitalize on the new weapons and special abilities, as well as add a new dynamic to the game’s meta. Fan ideas like this underscore how much potential there is to be explored within the game. Currently, Splatoon 3 only has one major content patch, with the Chill Season released in December 2022, so there is still ample opportunity for Nintendo to expand the game’s features.

Nintendo Switch now has Splatoon 3 available for purchase.

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