Twitter Receives Subpoena from Genshin Impact Developer

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HoYoverse, the developer of Genshin Impact, has submitted a subpoena to Twitter, requesting the information of three users who have been leaking content from the game. Since its launch in September 2020, the game has become a huge hit, making records with each new character release. Even re-run banners have earned millions for the studio. Unfortunately, with its tremendous success, the RPG has also drawn in leakers who give away beta content prematurely.

In the wake of its launch, Genshin Impact has seen a massive influx of leakers who share details regarding each new version’s closed beta test. Players usually receive an abundance of information about upcoming patches shortly after the new version’s beta is released, with some leaks even divulging content from far in the future. The developer has been attempting to put a stop to the influx of leaked content by targeting social media platforms like Discord. Now, HoYoverse has its sights set on Twitter to try and uncover leakers.

HoYoverse has initiated a subpoena targeting Twitter, asking the social media platform to present identifying information such as names, phone numbers, and IP addresses for three Genshin Impact leakers: Merlin Impact, Genshin World, and XWides. This follows their previous request for Twitter to remove posts from the mentioned leakers, asserting that it goes against copyright laws for Genshin Impact. In the past, HoYoverse has taken a strict stance against any form of leaks, including banning or filing lawsuits against users releasing pre-release content.

The latest action taken by HoYoverse against the game’s leaking community is motivated by the recent emergence of major new content leaks. Recently, players were granted a first glimpse of the designs for the characters from the upcoming region, Fontaine, within Genshin Impact. Fontaine is anticipated to launch sometime between late Summer and early Fall, with rumors of the Sumeru map being expanded prior to its release. Additionally, other leaks from Fontaine have offered players an insight into the layout of the area, together with certain structures present within the French-inspired domain.

HoYoverse recently provided fans with a glimpse at what to look forward to for the upcoming version of Genshin Impact. During last week’s Version 3.5 Special Program, gameplay for the game’s two new characters Dehya and Mika was unveiled. Additionally, the developer announced a range of events which will be part of the update, such as the return of the Windblume Festival in Mondstadt and the latest chapter of the Traveler’s Archon Quest. Despite efforts to keep spoilers and leaks at bay, the Genshin Impact community still continues to be plagued by leakers.

Genshin Impact is accessible now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and smartphones. Additionally, a Switch version is being worked on.

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