The Maximum Gliding Distance Achievable in Genshin Impact Revealed in Map

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An interesting map has been revealed by a Genshin Impact gamer that illustrates the greatest reachable area while gliding. This is a particular movement feature that enables gamers to soar through the air while using Stamina points. Players can access this ability after finishing Amber’s gliding exam in Mondstadt.

To initiate gliding in Genshin Impact, all players must do is press the jump button during a jump. This will enable their gliders to deploy. The gliders can be used multiple times as long as the character is at a sufficient height from the ground. A variety of gliders have been introduced to the game, none of which give the player any kind of advantage in the air.

In order to measure the longest gliding distance in Genshin Impact, Reddit user Obvious_Search1477 climbed the Dragonspine mountains. To extend their gliding time, they utilized specific types of food and gadgets. To get to the greatest gliding distance, they utilized the five-star Anemo client Xiao, who utilizes his Elemental Skill Lemniscatic Wind Cycling to dash through the air when gliding.

It appears that Obvious_Search1477 had multiple Anemo characters in their party, which allowed them to activate the Anemo Resonance effect, cutting down overall stamina consumption by 15%. It was further confirmed that the player had acquired the Red Feather Fan, a gadget that can be obtained when one reaches Reputation Level 5 in Inazuma. This item increases Gliding Movement Speed by 30% for 30 seconds, but with a 100-second cooldown.

Obvious_Search1477’s post drew much notice from the Genshin Impact players and it gained almost 5k upvotes with some people remarking that they could have elongated their gliding distance if they had leaped from a Zhongli pillar. Players who want to give Xiao a try and attempt the same experiment can do so currently as he is available on the Limited Character Banner with the recently revealed Dendro character Alhaitham.

Xiao is a unique Genshin Impact DPS character whose approach to the game is based on employing Plunging Attacks while his Elemental Burst, Bane of All Evil, is active. Being an Anemo user, Xiao can be slotted into a great deal of varied Genshin Impact groups since his element does not clash with other elemental combos.

The popular Genshin Impact can now be experienced on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A version for Switch is in the works.

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