Chart Illustrating First-day Sales of Genshin Impact’s Yelan and Hu Tao

Genshin Impact Yelan under the tree

The Genshin Impact stats reveal the 1-day sales from the current dual banner introducing Hydro bow character Yelan and Pyro polearm wielder Hu Tao. This Limited Character Banner is expected to end at the end of the month, giving players ample opportunity to save some Primogems and include them in their lineup.

Genshin Impact characters of the highest tier can be seen in this banner, with Xingqiu, Ningguang, and Beidou included in the four-star lineup. The Weapon Banner includes two five-star weapons, which are signatures of Yelan and Hu Tao.

TimocaSamJa, a Reddit user, posted a chart illustrating the day one income of the present Yelan and Hu Tao double banner. As per the post, the banner achieved the 9th position with nearly $8 million in profits in its first day; however, this data only covers iOS devices from the Chinese servers, so its actual revenue is likely higher. Despite not having any new characters, many fans are not astonished by its success due to the banner’s two powerful limited five-star characters, Yelan and Hu Tao.

Despite being able to deliver a lot of damage, Yelan’s most advantageous role is still as a sub-DPS due to her kit’s strong off-field abilities. With the introduction of the Hydro element, it has become one of the most powerful elements in Genshin Impact, as it can interact with almost any other element. Yelan is an extremely versatile character that can play many roles in team compositions that require an effective off-field Hydro DPS.

Hu Tao, the 77th director at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, remains an S-tier DPS character in Genshin Impact since her arrival in early 2021. She possesses a unique playstyle that requires players to keep a close eye on her health bar to maximize her damage output.

Since Hu Tao’s last banner appearance was in the 2.2 update which was released in November 2021, many Genshin Impact fans were delighted with her return. She and Yelan work well together, as they can create Vaporize, one of the top elemental reactions in the game.

The much-awaited Genshin Impact is now available on different platforms, including Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. Additionally, a Switch version is currently being developed.

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