Last-minute offer: Steam is offering a discount on popular zoo simulator

Planet Zoo Elefant

For a short time only, you can get one of the most sought-after building simulators of recent years on Steam with a saving of 75 percent. Fan favorite Planet Zoo is only available for a limited time.

Development studio Frontier Developments has recorded another success with Planet Zoo, following the release of hit simulation games Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon. The simulator is one of the absolute top representatives of its kind on Steam and is currently available with a discount of 75 percent for only 11.24 euros.

In Planet Zoo you can realize your vision of a wildlife park. There are many different areas around the world to choose from, and the sandbox mode allows creativity to flow indefinitely. You can build enclosures, create lakes and even build mountains out of the ground to provide the animals with a comfortable environment. There are many different exotic animal species, from giraffes to zebras to giant pandas, that you can get to know and whose needs you must take into account in order to create your very own unique zoo.

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