Arachnophobia Mode Included in Hogwarts Legacy Mod

Hogwarts Legacy Arachnophobia fight with spiders

An accessibility mod has been released for the new game Hogwarts Legacy, which is one of the first mods available for the game. This mod provides an arachnophobia mode, making the game more accessible for those with a fear of spiders.

Not long after its launch, Hogwarts Legacy has already acquired the attention of the modding community, with a few mods already released. It is an impressive feat, considering how mods have kept games such as Skyrim around for many years. Whether or not Hogwarts Legacy will have the same longevity is yet to be seen. Despite the limited number of mods available for the game at present, this is understandable given its recent launch.

The mod is easy to use, as it alters the spiders in the game to be represented as boxes. This does not affect the spiders’ abilities, such as attacking the players, but it does take away the visual element. This could be great for people with fear of spiders. Though it may not give the same experience, it is better than the other option. It would have been nice if this feature had been included by default in the game. Grounded, for instance, had an arachnophobia mode that was praised for being a major step in terms of accessibility. Nonetheless, it is good that players were able to add it to the game as a mod quickly.

Although this mod functions, it still needs some work to be perfected. Specifically, when dead spiders are manually placed, they appear as their original models, which could be confusing for players. However, the mod creator is already aware of this problem and is diligently trying to eliminate them from Hogwarts Legacy. As such, it shouldn’t be too long before the mod is completely developed. It is encouraging to see a variety of fan creations emerge from Hogwarts Legacy shortly after its release. While some extend the game, others have created within it, like one individual who replicated The Last of Us’ Ellie in Hogwarts Legacy.

Avalanche Software, the developer of Hogwarts Legacy, has released the game to the public and is now hoping to move away from the negative attention it received before its release. This was mainly due to the transphobic comments by J.K. Rowling and subsequent boycotting of the game. To demonstrate their stance on the matter, the studio has included a transgender character in the game. Now, they are focused on providing support for the title post-launch. Although no DLC has been officially confirmed, if the game proves to be successful then fans can expect more content to be released in the future.

The PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S versions of Hogwarts Legacy are out now, and the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be released on April 4. The Switch version of the game will come out on July 25.

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