Players of Hogwarts Legacy Asking for New Game+ Option

Hogwarts Legacy Petition for New Game+ Option

Hogwarts Legacy is a remarkably replayable title, although the absence of a New Game+ option has caused certain members of its fanbase to express their desire for its inclusion. The wide array of cosmetics and gear available in Hogwarts Legacy is impressive, though, with the sheer amount of robe and clothing variations that gamers come across in the course of their playthrough, it usually takes until the later stages for them to truly appreciate them on their Witch or Wizard character.

At the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy, players are presented with the option of being sorted into a particular house, which can lead to a different conclusion for the Jackdaw quest. On a more practical level, the choice of house will also determine the colors of certain outfits and a few broom models that can be used in-game.

mrduds101’s request on the official Hogwarts Legacy subreddit is reflective of a broader opinion within the game’s community: a New Game+ mode is a necessity in Hogwarts Legacy. Although players may enjoy hunting down Demiguise statues for Gladwin Moon in their initial playthrough or tackling the Merlin trials in the Hogwarts Valley, the majority of gamers would rather bypass the side quests or have the option of selecting which ones to repeat.

I’m asking for a New Game Plus feature to be added. I have completed everything currently available and would like to play again with all the end game stuff I have worked hard to obtain, since there isn’t anything to do at the end-game besides towers with waves. It feels like the high-level items are not that useful.

I would like to have the ability to “refresh” the map goals with a filter. For instance, I could reset all of the bandit camps and dungeons and not reset any of the Merlin trials.

Hogwarts Legacy New Game+ Option

For any Hogwarts Legacy player, it would be beneficial to be able to enjoy the available cosmetics right away instead of praying Augustus Hill at Gladrags in Hogsmeade has the right recolor of their favorite scarf. This issue could be resolved with a New Game+ mode, allowing players to personalize and accessorize their character for the ideal winter fit without the inconvenience of having to search for specific items.

Despite the fact that Avalanche has confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy won’t have any DLC at its launch, a New Game+ mode would be much easier to create than making a completely new questline. As Quidditch and a companion system are two popularly requested features, Warner Bros. should support Avalanche to continue working on the game, given its great commercial success.

Released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, Hogwarts Legacy is now available. Those looking to play on PS4 or Xbox One will be able to get their hands on the game on April 4, and the Nintendo Switch version will be out there on July 25.

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