Hogwarts Legacy Tops the Sales Charts

Hogwarts Legacy magic world

Hogwarts Legacy has made an impressive showing, topping the weekly sales charts in both South Korea and Taiwan. This success further demonstrates the game’s growing popularity, which already set a 22-year-old sales record in the United Kingdom and led Steam’s top sellers list in many countries.

Within days of its launch, Hogwarts Legacy became one of the most talked-about titles of the year and is likely to remain so for a while. Avalanche Software is still in the midst of porting the game to last-generation consoles, meaning that it could potentially reach hundreds of millions of players when it is released in the spring and summer.

Bahamut GNN and MediaCreate recently provided details which showed that Hogwarts Legacy was at the summit of the sales charts in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. These reports did not involve exact sales figures, but their rankings had some similarities to a preceding report from Famitsu. This report professed that Hogwarts Legacy had outsold the second-placed Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in Japan by a ratio of 2.5 to one during its launch week. A caveat to these sources is that they do not include digital sales, as they are only available to the publisher, and are unlikely to be revealed until later in the year.

Across the Asia-Pacific region, it appears the Harry Potter phenomenon is still thriving. A previous news report exposed that Hogwarts Legacy was topping the sales charts in both Australia and New Zealand. It is rare for a title created by a U.S. studio to rank highest in places like Taiwan and South Korea, which is what Bahamut GNN and MediaCreate reported in their recent retail analysis.

The number of weekly bestseller claims for the new Harry Potter game is even more remarkable since it achieved this feat four days before its Friday launch. It is unclear if its immense success will result in post-launch content, however Avalanche Software has currently stated that there are no plans for Hogwarts Legacy DLC.

The Hogwarts Legacy game has been released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S systems. The version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released on April 4th, and the Nintendo Switch version will be available on July 25th.

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