Celebrating the First Anniversary of Horizon Forbidden West with Free PS4 and PS5 Avatars

As Horizon Forbidden West celebrates its first anniversary, the developers are showing their appreciation to those who have played the game by offering free PS5 and PS4 avatar items featuring a few beloved characters.

To commemorate the first anniversary of Horizon Forbidden West, Sony and Guerilla Games have come together to celebrate the milestone, reflect on the process of making it, and express gratitude to the fans that it has captivated. Sony has revealed certain game-related data such as frequently used weapons, armor, and the number of machines defeated, while Guerilla Games has released a video expressing their admiration for the Horizon fan projects such as cosplay and art.

A post on the PlayStation blog showcases the immense appreciation for Horizon Forbidden West and the numerous collector’s items it produced. The game has sold approximately 10 million copies worldwide and Sony revealed that players have spent their time engaging in activities such as fighting machines in the Arena, flying, or collecting food ingredients. To further show their admiration for the game and its characters, Horizon Forbidden West fans can now redeem 11 free characters PlayStation profile avatars in various regions.

  • For the Americas, the code is G7XK-TNNR-NPLL
  • In Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the code is B2B9-X5NK-494R
  • In Asia, the code is 2QHR-8QN2-BQ2C
  • For Korea, the code is E5AQ-H8N6-EFQQ

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Horizon Forbidden West

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To mark the One-Year Anniversary of Horizon Forbidden West, Guerilla Games made a video in which their developers spoke about their experience post-release and expressed their admiration for the community-made creations, such as cosplay, fan art, pictures taken in photo mode, and content created by fans. The developers shared their favorite creators as well as their favorite pieces of art and even revealed that some of them own items made by members of the community, such as a book of Horizon Zero Dawn fan fiction. It’s clear that the developers of the game are also fans of the fans’ work.

Having been one year since the initial release, the Horizon franchise is looking ahead to its future with the roll-out of Horizon Call of the Mountain for PlayStation VR2 and the PS5-exclusive Burning Shores DLC on April 19. Additionally, Horizon Forbidden West can now be accessed through the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers. With the growing anticipation of rumored spin-off games and the vibrant community still expressing their passion for the game, Horizon is sure to have a prosperous future.

The newest installment in the Horizon series, Forbidden West, has released on both PS5 and PS4.

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