Announcement of the Launch of Season One of KartRider: Drift, Along With Console Release Date

KartRider: Drift

The first season of Nexon’s KartRider: Drift, called “New World,” will be available from March 8. This iteration of the game will also be released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, with the capacity for cross-platform play between mobile, PC, and console.

The KartRider series, created by Nexon in 2004, has accumulated 380 million players and is a leader in the Asian market. Its esports league has been around since 2005, making it the longest-running to date. Participants in KartRider: Drift have been having a great time since the preseason began, and more content is on the way in February and March.

Ahead of the release of KartRider: Drift’s season one on March 8, an update is scheduled for February 15 that is intended to make “adjustments to the core game experience based on player feedback.” The specifics of the changes have yet to be revealed, but more details are expected in the weeks ahead. Additionally, March 8 is an important date for the game, as it will mark the launch of New World, bringing with it PC, console, and mobile crossplay, new tracks and race modes, a season-long theme, daily player rewards, and new events, in addition to other enhancements.

For those intending to play KartRider: Drift on a console, the gameplay has been recognized as relatively straightforward to grasp but difficult to master. It follows the typical kart racing blueprint with plenty of intricacies and proficiency tests included in its license challenges, Item Mode, Speed Mode, Time Attack Mode, and more. Moreover, there is a massive selection of customization alternatives for players to spruce up their ride and make a mark at the finish line, with a Racing Pass delivering additional characters, karts, accessories, and emotes. Those who upgrade to the Premium Racing Pass can unlock even more content.

Going into season one of KartRider: Drift, two points should be taken into account. Firstly, all progress achieved during the preseason will be transferred and not lost. Secondly, KartRider: Drift should not be confused with KartRider: Rush+, as it will remain a separate game with no crossover with Drift.

KartRider: Drift can be found now on computers and some mobile devices. It will come to the PlayStation and Xbox Stores on the 8th of March.

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