Dedicated Last of Us Fan Creates Impressive Clicker Model After 3 Months of Work

Last of Us Fan Spends Months Building Incredible Clicker Statue

The Clicker is a widely recognized infected enemy that has featured in all installments of The Last of Us. A fan of the game, who spent three months in creation of the statue, made a tribute to it. The Last of Us was the inspiration for the work.

Clickers are a mutated species featured in The Last of Us and are easily identified by their split heads, blindness, and the clicking noises they emit. The first installment of the game explains that, due to their eyes being covered with fungal plates, Clickers rely on echolocation to navigate. Recently, the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us featured Clickers in the second episode, with characters avoiding them by creating sound distractions.

The Clicker has been the focus of a lot of fan art, and Reddit user Pasq99 recently posted their own contribution to the art pool: a handmade Clicker statue that took three months to create. The statue is about four feet tall, and despite its lack of size, it still features the split head like the The Last of Us Clicker bust that another fan had made and which was quite lifelike.

An image depicting a study area is seen in the accompanying figure. It shows a desk and chair, along with other pieces of furniture, in a room that is designed for learning. The setup provides a good environment for individuals to focus on their studies.

The Last of Us subreddit users showed their appreciation for Pasq99’s attempt at creating a life-sized Clicker. One commenter suggested it could be made even more life-like with the addition of extra fungal growths, while another user remarked how intimidating it would be to see such a statue in person. This is an interesting observation, especially when compared to the detailed Clicker mask made by another fan, which does not feature the same twisted limbs and tattered clothing that are present in this statue.

The popularity of Clickers in the Last of Us series can be attributed to their singular design and the fact that they stand out from other infected. Subsequent infected types, including the Rat King, which was reproduced by a fan in the form of a clay model, have been added in The Last of Us Part 2, but none have achieved the same level of recognition as the Clicker. This has made it the unofficial mascot of The Last of Us and it is likely to remain so in the years to come.

The current installment of The Last of Us can be experienced on PS5 at this time.

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