Footage and Info About the Alpha Playtest of Dragon Age Dreadwolf Circulates on the Web

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Alfa

Insider Gaming’s leak of the details on Dragon Age Dreadwolf’s combat and gameplay ignited interest, prompting an anonymous playtester to post a Reddit thread with extra details on a gameplay recording of the game in its alpha phase.

The user can currently access a video of around 20 minutes of play from an elven knight-class dungeon run. However, only a few screenshots and a brief clip of the rumored hack ‘n slash gameplay are visible online. After examining the clip, it appears the game is filled with intense action, taking cues from the style of God of War rather than Final Fantasy. This is evident in the camera angles and the user’s own statement that God of War was a reference point for the creation of this type of combat.


The game is based in Weisshaupt, the Grey Warden fortress that has only been referred to in previous titles, and was depicted in Dragon Age: Last Flight. The leaked images and details do indeed refer to Weisshaupt, and the mission structure appears to be a raid on the Order’s headquarters.

Leaked gameplay has shown that the protagonist in the game is able to jump, dodge, parry attacks and launch counter-attacks. The combat system appears to be animated and react quickly, though not quite up to the level of other big-name games, and still surpasses any other title from Bioware. It is uncertain if the lack of party members is due to the alpha version or if, as reported, players are unable to control them.

The individual in question posted a screenshot of the user interface, which displayed compartments for chest plate, head covering, primary and secondary armaments, and two additional places for trinkets including a talisman, belt, and a couple of bands.

It has been reported that the Darkspawn and a great dragon at the conclusion are suffused with Red Lyrium, a formidable material that grants creatures tremendous additional powers. Furthermore, the dragon can produce environmental and traversal obstacles which will have an impact on the player’s dynamic mobility. Since this is an alpha version, many components such as textures and sound are not yet finished, and only the behavior of the enemy appears to be quite discernible.

The user specified that this was a build from a long time ago and not to be taken seriously. If the leak is true, it implies that the game is still being worked on, but fans might need a while to get accustomed to not having the tactical combat of past Dragon Age titles.

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