The PS5 Controller for Hogwarts Legacy is Flying off Shelves

Limited Edition PlayStation 5 by Hogwarts Legacy

In the UK, the DualSense controller with a Hogwarts Legacy theme sold out instantaneously. Sony sold a variety of colors such as Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, and Starlight Blue. Moreover, a special edition controller was issued to mark the launch of God of Ragnarok in November 2022.

Sony recently declared that a special version of the PS5 controller styled after Hogwarts Legacy would be available in the US and the UK. This DualSense controller has a unique design and can only be purchased from the PlayStation Direct website. Pre-orders began in the US at 10 AM PT, while orders opened in the UK at 10 AM GMT. It appears that demand for this controller was amazingly high, as it is no longer available.

Push Square reported that the Hogwarts Legacy PS5 controller was totally sold out in the UK very quickly, and it is now unavailable on the PlayStation Direct website. This might be due to its limited availability, only in the US and the UK. Nonetheless, any of the other PS5 controllers, including the special edition DualSense featuring God of War Ragnarok, are still purchasable from the PlayStation Direct website.

It should be fascinating to observe how quickly the Hogwarts Legacy PS5 controller will fly off the shelves when it becomes available for pre-order at 10 AM PT. It’s worth noting that even though pre-orders commence today, the device won’t be released until February 28, 2023. On the other hand, gamers in the UK who were successful in securing a pre-order may receive it as soon as February 10 as that is the listed launch date.

Hogwarts Legacy is designed to make the most of the DualSense controller, taking advantage of the haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and speaker all built into the device. This ensures that all the gameplay elements of the game will be as immersive as possible.

The latest release from WB Games, Hogwarts Legacy, has seen huge success on Steam, as it currently holds the record for the highest concurrent player count for the studio on the platform. It’s quite impressive, considering only those who paid extra for the deluxe version of the game had access when this total was achieved. With the launch weekend still ongoing, it’ll be interesting to see where the final peak concurrent player count for Hogwarts Legacy settles and how it affects the Steam single-player gaming landscape.

Hogwarts Legacy can now be played on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions set to be released on April 4 and the Switch edition becoming available on July 25.

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