Players of Hogwarts Legacy Will Have Additional Opportunities to Obtain Merlin’s Cloak

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin's Cloak

No need to worry for those Hogwarts Legacy fans who were unable to procure Merlin’s Cloak, as more opportunities are on their way. This piece of Hogwarts Legacy is the rarest added content and the demand is evidently very strong.

Avalanche Software had only initially provided two options for fans of Hogwarts Legacy to get their hands on the Merlin’s Cloak; the first was during their pre-launch Twitch stream, and the second was the day of the main release. However, the amount of demand for the item was evidently higher than what the software company had expected, leading them to take steps to rectify the problem.

Chandler Wood from Avalanche Software recently tweeted with the positive news that fans who missed the streams still have a chance of getting the Merlin’s Cloak. His post was brief but promising, expressing that there will be “more opportunities” over the next few weeks. This is good news for all those [Hogwarts Legacy] players who were unfortunately unable to claim the Cloak, as the number of those who missed out was much higher than expected.

Excitement greeted the news, with some noting that both streams took place at inconvenient times for viewers in different time zones. This, coupled with the fact that they were happening during the workweek and the window for them was restricted, may have been a major source of the demand for further opportunities. Evidently, many Hogwarts Legacy enthusiasts are keen to access all available material.

Avalanche Software may not have foreseen the magnitude of enthusiasm that this item would attract, and thus miscalculated the number of people who would be eager to join its streams. This is somewhat perplexing, taking into account the immense popularity of Hogwarts Legacy as evidenced by its intense pre-order demand in various regions around the globe.

The Hogwarts Legacy game is now available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, and will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, and for the Nintendo Switch on July 25.

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