A Resourceful Gamer Crafts a Cute Axolotl Sculpture with Minecraft

Minecraft charming Axolotl

A fan of Minecraft crafted a replica of the axolotl, one of the creatures featured in the game. Minecraft has a wide range of mobs with diverse appearances and attitudes, from passive to hostile. While Minecraft can be played alone, the mobs make the experience more interactive and less solitary.

The axolotl is a mob that can be encountered by players in Minecraft and is based on the real-life amphibian. In Aztec mythology, it was thought to be the god of fire and lightning. This mob was added in the Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update of Mojang’s game. It can be found in rivers inside the Lush Caves biome and its color can range from leucistic to cyan or blue. Despite its friendly appearance, the axolotl will attack all aquatic mobs with the exception of turtles, dolphins and other axolotls.

Although it may not be one of the littlest mobs in Minecraft, the axolotl still has an appealing look and can be tamed, making it a good companion for players. User AsperaX_OperaliX shared a piece of fan art on Reddit that managed to capture the cuteness of the axolotl, featuring the mob with an expression that looks like a smile while it is swimming in the water. This axolotl has a leucistic color, and even though it wasn’t stated how many blocks were used for the figure, the great level of detail suggests a large quantity. Both the statue and the water where the axolotl is have been created with impressive results, making the statue even more realistic.

Minecraft offers a multitude of possibilities, so much so that the same gameplay will rarely become tedious or dull. An example is the construction of statues, for which the fan community has a plenty of ideas. For instance, AsperaX_OperaliX posted a stunning rendition of Ivysaur in Minecraft. Another option is to tame in-game mobs which can be found naturally or crafted. These tamed mobs then act as helpful companions to the player, assisting them in many ways.

AsperaX_OperaliX’s axolotl statue would not have been possible without Minecraft. This sandbox game from Mojang does not demand a powerful PC, unlike Forspoken, and is available on consoles and smartphones. Its graphics, platform accessibility, and features like mods and texture packs have made it a much-loved videogame among gamers and digital artists.

The popular sandbox game Minecraft can now be played on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and other preceding gaming systems.

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