Limited Time Event Unveils Remnants of Crassus in a New World

New World Upcoming Legacy of Crassus Event

New World, an MMORPG with a colonial theme, is getting ready to launch Legacy of Crassus, an event with brand new bosses, items, and daily rewards. This event will be available from February 21 through March 7.

In September 2021, Amazon Games released New World, an MMO action RPG based in the fictitious North Atlantic island of Aeternum. Before launch, the game garnered a great deal of attention and had a surge in players shortly after its debut. Nonetheless, its launch was far from perfect and its user base soon began to dwindle, leading to mixed reviews. Despite this, Amazon Games has refused to abandon the game and has been continuously releasing new events and content.

Crassus’ legacy lives on in the upcoming New World event, bringing Rome back to Aeternum. Despite the players’ success in slaying Crassus during the Ennead Expedition, his Corrupted Legion still remains, taking charge of a centuries-old plan to invade the south. The cyclopes Lucanus and Decimus are summoned to the island, ready to enforce the will of Crassus’ followers.


In order to save the island from Roman dominance, gamers must confront the colossal centurions. Those in New World have the chance to encounter two level 66 battle bosses and receive eight exclusive armaments and armor pieces as a reward. Portals to these New World bosses can be found at Brightwood, Weavers Fen, Mourningdale, Ebonscale Reach, and Edengrove by those on the island of Aeternum.

New World players have multiple chances to challenge Lucanus and Decimus, and each time they succeed they will receive a leveled item or a named item from either Brimstone Sands or Aeternum. In addition to that, there is an opportunity to find a legendary item from the reward cache, including the Wrath of Decimus Great Axe, Hoplites Great Blade, Cuirass of Decimus Heavy Chest Armor, Fists of Decimus Heavy Gauntlets, Sagittar of Lucanus Bow, Vesuvius Fire Staff, Galea of Lucanus Medium Helm, and Hobnailed Boots of Lucanus Medium Boots.

According to Amazon, players of New World have a guarantee to unlock all the rewards after defeating Lucanus and Decimus eight times. On top of that, daily rewards may contain up to three Obsidian Gypsum, 500 Umbral Shards, and a Craft Mod with a 25% probability of adding extra effects to crafted items in New World. All in all, the upcoming Legacy of Crassus is an excellent way for fans of the game to get some powerful Roman-inspired gear.

The PC platform now has New World available for access.

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