Pacific Drive Survival Game – Unveils New Gameplay with Expanded Information

Pacific Drive Introduces Car Upgrade, Salvaging, and Exploration

Yesterday, PlayStation revealed a slew of unexpected indie game trailers, with PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe, Animal Well, and Eternights all being featured. Pacific Drive, however, captivated viewers with its intense car upgrade, salvaging, and exploration gameplay. A trailer for the driving survival game was released, demonstrating the peculiar elements of the title.

In September 2022, Ironwood Studios unveiled their first project, Pacific Drive, as part of the PlayStation indie showcase. The development team is composed of experienced individuals from Sucker Punch, Microsoft, Klei, Oculus, and Riot Games. The original trailer for Pacific Drive was full of darkness and suspense, but the most recent sneak peek has presented a different atmosphere altogether.

The latest trailer for Pacific Drive highlights the game’s central vehicle, a run-down station wagon that can be upgraded to become a tank-like car. While the story is presented as a serious one, the core gameplay of Pacific Drive is still filled with lighthearted and fun elements. The idea of decking out a station wagon with armor plating is rather humorous.

To advance through the game, players must scavenge materials from the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Exploring the area is the only way to discover the secrets of the OEZ and collect the necessary components for the vehicle. Simply upgrading the station wagon isn’t enough; it must be able to withstand the obstacles and horrors encountered in the dark. The station wagon can be fortified with armor, but it is only so powerful.

Players of Pacific Drive are lucky in that they have an abundance of opportunities to traverse the OEZ. Acting as a “Road-Lite,” each venture into the OEZ is reset upon a disastrous finish. The OEZ is ever-changing, so no journey will be alike. But making progress requires persistent efforts to tackle the obstacles.

It is challenging to precisely describe Pacific Drive; it is a driving game, but players will have to leave their vehicles to scavenge. As a rogue-lite, there is a definite structure and narrative thread. It is a puzzle, however, it is experienced in brief moments. The trailer provides insight into the game mechanics, but players will have to play it to comprehend what Pacific Drive is really all about.

The computer and PlayStation 5 will be the platforms for the 2023 launch of Pacific Drive.

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