Players of Hogwarts Legacy Will Have the Opportunity to Pet Cats in the Game.

Hogwarts Legacy Pet Cats

Players of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy video game from Avalanche Software may soon be able to demonstrate their love for cats by petting them in the common rooms. This will be the first major Harry Potter console game in quite a while, so many fans of the wizarding world are eagerly looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy and are especially excited for the chance to interact with their beloved cats.

The Harry Potter Film Twitter account revealed that gamers playing Hogwarts Legacy will have the chance to make friends with the cats in the game. A video was shared which showed a student patting a small gray feline. Animals in the game will also brush up against a character’s leg, like they would in reality, and the cats respond to the affection in a similar manner. Even though the clip ended without showing other animals, it’s reasonable to assume there will be a variety of Hogwarts Legacy pet species similar to Mrs. Norris or Crookshanks from the main series.

Players of Hogwarts Legacy have the ability to interact with their cats, leading to the inquiry of which other animals can receive the same treatment. Judging from the player’s robe colors in the Harry Potter Film’s video, it appears to be a Gryffindor member, yet it is likely that the feature will apply to all students regardless of their house. Furthermore, the Harry Potter series is noted for featuring professors that can turn into cats, thus implying that some of them may be transformed teachers and not just the pets of a student or caretaker.

The common room for each house in Hogwarts Legacy will have different occupants, meaning players who join Slytherin won’t be able to mingle with the creatures in Gryffindor’s. This could encourage animal-lovers to search every corner of the game in search of furry friends – cats, or something more.

Hogwarts Legacy is due to come out on February 10th for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. It will be available on April 4th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,

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