Demo for Unexpected New PlayStation Game Available for Play Immediately

PlayStation Game 'Humanity' Gets Surprise Demo

A demo for the long-anticipated title Humanity has been made available, and players can experience it right away. After a lengthy wait, fans of the game can now get a glimpse of the product they will be receiving when the full version is released.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator of Tetris Effect: Connected, Rez, Space Channel 5, and Lumines, has been developing Humanity, a puzzle game, since 2019. Although some hindrances prevented it from being released on time, the game is now slated for a May 2023 launch. The news was unveiled at the Sony State of Play livestream, with a trailer for the game serving as the grand reveal.

The Humanity demo can be experienced completely free of charge and is available on Steam, PS5/PS VR2, and PS4/PS VR. In the game, players take the form of a dog and are tasked with directing large groups of people to pillars of light. It is played in the third person, allowing players to rotate the camera to help them solve the puzzles. Additionally, members can try their hand at creating levels, though these stages won’t carry over to the full version. This title was among the many releases featured in Sony’s State of Play showcase.

At the Sony State of Play presentation, a trailer that was unveiled provided more details about Humanity than the prior trailers, which were viewed as scant in terms of information. This video contained a great deal of gameplay, giving gamers more data to anticipate the full game’s launch, in addition to the free demo being offered.

The overall atmosphere of the trailer and demo is mysterious and spooky. It brings to mind the Portal games, with a present-day yet ominously decrepit setting. The music is fittingly eerie, though it conveys a sense of hopefulness, as reaching the columns of light appears to be beneficial. The game is also similar to mobile titles such as Crowd Fight and Count Masters, which involve guiding groups of people through passageways that can increase, decrease, or divide the number of people access to the player. In Humanity, the masses are led by a dog, potentially formerly a human, who may be residing in a Kafkaesque state of being awake as an animal. It is uncertain if the canine did not once belong to the human species, yet that and the other questions posed in the demo will be answered in due time.

Come May 2023, people can look forward to playing Humanity on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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