Unleash the energy of rock to defeat fiends in Power Chord’s full launch

Power Chord

The delightfully themed Power Chord deckbuilder is now officially released after exiting Early Access. You are tasked with gathering Earth’s most powerful musicians, each equipped with their own distinct cards and tools, to battle through the hordes and demolish the only guitar strong enough to reconnect the rift between worlds.

In late 2021, we were given a glimpse of the innovative Power Chord, which boasts a stylish design and powerful metal music. It managed to stand out from the rest of the genre due to its unique approach, which sees different characters colliding without being limited to a single class.

If you’re keen for some variety in your roguelike deckbuilding and don’t mind if it’s not the most intricate of experiences, Power Chord is worth a try. It’s not a masterpiece by any means, and probably won’t take up too much of your time, but it’s a great time nonetheless. This is a game which is likely to be overlooked by those who would appreciate it the most.

The best part of Power Chord, in my opinion, is the requirement to work with four distinct characters. Players have to use various cards and playing styles with each band member, necessitating the need to create a synergistic combination of four disparate themes, unlike some other games, such as Slay the Spire, which focuses on a single, overly-powerful strategy.

Wes Fenlon had a similar experience during his demo of Power Chord: “I had a guitarist that was only allowed to use red cards, which increased the damage output with multipliers. The drummer’s blue cards were more about getting armor to withstand damage.”

When it comes to these types of deckbuilders, one must plan out the order of spells and buffs cautiously, but it’s especially the case with Power Chord. Thinking back, there were moments when I augmented my guitarist in order to take on a major challenge, only to realize I did not possess any red attack cards for him to use.

For the special price of $18, you can get your hands on Power Chord until February 2, 2023 at the Steam store. Power Chord is available now on PC.

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