Release Date for The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, a PlayStation VR2 Launch Window Game, Put Off Until March

Release Date Switchback VR Delayed To March

A picture of Supermassive Games’ Switchback VR PSVR2 is displayed, with its March release date being postponed.

It has been announced that the launch of The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR has been postponed.

At the end of November, PlayStation unveiled 11 new VR2 games – one of which was Switchback VR from Supermassive Games, which is a part of their The Dark Pictures anthology. This spiritual successor to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (which debuted in 2016 as a PlayStation VR rail shooter) was announced without a specific release date, but was labeled as a PSVR2 launch window title.

Supermassive Games has pushed back the release of Switchback VR to March 16, which is a slight delay as the PSVR2 is due to launch on February 22. The developer has said that they need more time to perfect the rail shooter.

The Switchback VR team states that this project is Supermassive Games’ most challenging yet, with its five expansive realms that take gamers through a series of horror-filled roller coaster pathways, inspired by the Dark Pictures franchise. The team clarifies that their goal is to debut the game with the release of the new PSVR 2 headset, but they want to make sure that the players receive the best and most frightening experience when they first jump in to Switchback VR.

Considering all this, we have taken the tough call to delay the launch till March 16, 2023. We are truly grateful for the enthusiasm and forbearance you have shown. We are thrilled to share more info about our wicked rollercoaster for hell and stay tuned for the upcoming video of our new gameplay features which will be out shortly.

It has been revealed that we will be presented with a video soon, which will provide us with more information about the postponed Switchback VR game, featuring its gameplay.

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