Possibilities for Rust’s Future Include Ray Tracing, Backpacks, and More

Rust Update Ray Tracing Backpacks and More

Although not definite, upcoming updates for Rust may include the addition of a backpack, mannequin, and possibly ray-tracing. This survival title from Facepunch Studios is quite demanding, especially for beginners who have difficulty making it through the first few nights – and that is excluding the sometimes hostile player base. It is this difficulty which attracts some people to the game in the first place, making it a highly replayable experience.

Recently, Rust has released a new industrial update which has injected new ideas into the game. The principal aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible, but the addition of extra methods of play and brand-new features is what keeps gamers coming back for more. It appears that the development team is also currently diversifying with a few things, which could imply that more is on the horizon.

Shadowfrax, a YouTuber, has reported that Facepunch is in the middle of a “hack week.” During this period of development, the studio has the chance to explore some concepts for potential inclusion in Rust. This includes a mannequin the player could move around for storing clothes and even animate. Another team member is looking into backpacks, which would increase the player’s inventory but slow them down. Ray tracing, too, is a possible feature that the developers are toying with. It should be noted, however, that none of these are guaranteed, but simply ideas that might be added in future updates.

It is uncertain whether these features will be implemented, but Facepunch is the ultimate decider. The development team has already included various elements such as tracks and zip lines and even a more intense mode. Taking into account that Rust is already quite challenging for novices, making it even more difficult appears to be a demonstration of cruelty.

Despite its difficulty, Rust is thought of as a top-tier survival game. Facepunch Studios is dedicated to staying in touch with the fan base, releasing updates regularly. There is no certainty as to which additions will be included, but it appears the studio has some creative ideas in store.

Rust can be found on PC, PS4, as well as Xbox One.

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