Unusual Guardrail in Revived Dead Space Causes Isaac to Lose Blood

Dead Space Remake Isaac Clarke

The remake of Dead Space, made by EA Motive Studio, had one player who found out that even the non-living items in the USG Ishimura could be a danger to the protagonist, Isaac Clarke. This was demonstrated in a video of Isaac spurting blood after walking into a railing. Motive Studio is already looking ahead, as they have recently been revealed to be working on EA’s Iron Man game, with no release date set yet.

Receiving largely positive feedback from both gamers and critics after its release in 2021, Motive Studio’s Dead Space remake is a tribute to the acclaimed 2008 original. Initially unveiled during EA Play Live, the game was given a full graphical remodel with EA’s Frostbite engine to bring it up to date, as well as changes to some of the core gameplay mechanics. Glen Schofield, the creator of the original Dead Space, expressed his approval of the remake’s faithfulness to the source material and congratulated Motive Studio on its success.

In a peculiar video posted on the r/DeadSpace subreddit, FellowPigeon reveals engineer-hero Isaac Clarke confronting some unexpected obstruction from the inside of the USG Ishimura, with blood shooting out every time he steps onto a right-angled handrail. Even though Isaac’s health bar is fortunately unharmed by such an unpleasant experience, one would expect the crew of the ill-fated mining vessel to place a warning sign above such an obviously sharp corner. Besides these bizarre railings, there are other unanticipated perils in the much-lauded remake; even Isaac’s own arms can be a danger in Dead Space.

Reactions to the video showcasing the Dead Space glitch had humor abound to help soothe Isaac’s trauma. One individual quipped that “OSHA needs to be called in” to address the hazardous conditions of the USG Ishimura corridor. Another individual jested that they “hope Isaac had his tetanus shot recently” due to the rust and decay present in the mining ship.

Motive Studio is deserving of pardon for overlooking some of the more minute details in their polished Dead Space remake, even if it resulted in a few minor cuts. Long-time fans and those new to the USG Ishimura alike may be pondering what lies in store for the Dead Space franchise now.

The popular game Dead Space is now out on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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