The Callisto Protocol Receives Game+ Mode and Multiple Corrections

The Callisto Protocol Receives Game

The Callisto Protocol’s most recent patch has added New Game+ and has also taken care of a bug that prevented players from obtaining the Maximum Security Achievement/Trophy.

Striking Distance Studios publicized the v. 3.01 patch notes on Reddit, allowing players to resume their journey through The Callisto Protocol with all the weapons, upgrades, and Callisto Credits they had acquired when the game ended.

Performance has been improved overall, and players will no longer get hurt when they hop over objects. Additionally, voice and subtitle levels have been fixed, and there are a slew of other modifications.

The below list provides an overview of all the modifications included in version 3.01.


  • After the patch, people who already finished the game will be able to experience NewGame+.
  • A restart of the program may be necessary.
  • To access it, an active save file from the end of the game is needed.

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  • Resolved a problem preventing certain players from acquiring the “The Protocol is About Life” success
  • Added a feature allowing people who finish the game to start again with their progression intact including all weapons, upgrades and Callisto Credits reappearing at the first Reforge
  • Improved performance on all platforms
  • Players no longer take damage when jumping over objects
  • Fixed a few bugs that caused a disconnect between the camera and the environment, permitting Jacob to slip through the ground
  • Adjusted cabinets, lockers and shelves to show up correctly in High Contrast mode
  • Adjusted volume and subtitles in all languages to be consistent with each other.

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  • The Tunnels level Two Head fight has had a crash at a lower frequency fixed
  • The Interact/Pickup input has been assigned to the Skip Cinematics button
  • There was a long pause when enabling Ray-Traced Shadows in the main menu, which has been avoided
  • The mouse cursor has been prevented from showing up during certain transitions between areas.

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