Twitch Streamer Who Plays Hogwarts Legacy Reduced to Tears by Harassment in Chat

Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter and the Castle

An emotional video of a Hogwarts Legacy streamer has become widely shared on the internet, after they experienced harassment from their Twitch followers due to playing the game. Hogwarts Legacy has caused a lot of controversy recently, as J.K. Rowling has made some transphobic statements.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has inspired quite the controversy, with some people arguing that it should be boycotted to protest J.K. Rowling’s transphobic views, claiming that buying the game is the same as supporting her. This has caused a lot of debate, with those wanting to play the game clashing with those wanting to boycott it. The game’s boycott has been a major focus in the online discourse.

Hogwarts Legacy has been one of the most talked about game releases of the year, and reviews have been mostly favorable. As a result, Twitch streamers have been playing the game, but some of them have had to endure harassment from their chat. Shelby of Girlfriend Reviews was brought to tears because of the continued harassment she received.

Matt and Shelby, better known as Girlfriend Reviews, are a couple primarily known for their YouTube content. They were streaming Hogwarts Legacy together on Twitch, but the chat quickly devolved into toxicity, with people accusing them of bigotry for playing the game and arguing with other viewers. A Reddit user, Bittucharya, posted a clip of the incident, noting that Girlfriend Reviews switched the chat to sub-only once the hate began, but people then started subscribing just to keep the harassment going. Shelby was ultimately forced to leave the stream.

The relationship between Twitch and Hogwarts Legacy is certainly an uneasy one. Some streamers have even called for a boycott of the platform in reaction to the game’s ads, while others are streaming it regardless of the potential for harassment from viewers. It remains to be seen how many Twitch streamers will choose to stream Hogwarts Legacy in light of the existing controversy and how many will decide to forgo the opportunity for increased viewership.

The highly anticipated video game Hogwarts Legacy will be available for purchase on February 10 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Players will have to wait a bit longer for their PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, which are set to launch on April 4. Nintendo Switch gamers can expect to get their hands on the game on July 25.

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