Exhibition Featuring Wildcard Game Launch: The Meteor Event with Melee

Wildcard Looke

Wildcard, a MOBA game developed by Playful Studios (the creator of Words with Friends), has announced “Exhibition: Melee on the Meteor”. This is a special challenge between two of its most popular champions. It blends CCG and MOBA elements by allowing players to assemble powerful champions and create decks with its exclusive Summon feature. A huge fan base of over 30,000 people has already been created through both gamers and streamers in its Discord server. The MOBA is now gearing up for a major event with a new build.

The use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web3 technology by game developers to create distinctive gaming experiences has been gaining traction. Companies such as Konami have been exploring the potential of incorporating NFTs and Web3 into their titles. In light of this, the highly-anticipated Web3 game, Wildcard, is preparing to host a major event.

Playful Studios has recently announced the launch of the “Melee on the Meteor” event. This will be accompanied by a plethora of livestream events, which will feature matches between streamers and members of the community. The first of these showmatches will take place on February 23rd at 1:00 PM ET, and will be broadcasted on the game’s YouTube, Twitch, and Discord channels.

The event is advertised as a fierce competition between two of Wildcard’s titular champions, Bolgar and Locke, with the victor of the showmatches determining the event’s winner. This event will be the first to introduce the newest build for Wildcard for public playtesting, and will include renowned Web3 gamers and members of the community. Furthermore, viewers will have a chance to win exclusive rewards for the game, such as digital collectibles that grant access to special activities and the game’s NFT allow list.

Wildcard has arranged a public event to celebrate the growth of Web3 and NFT integration in the gaming industry. High-profile companies such as Sony and Square Enix have expressed interest in utilizing blockchain technology for NFTs and digital collectibles. Independent game creators are constructing entire titles based on Web3 and NFTs, making available new and exciting opportunities for players. The Melee on the Meteor event will give Wildcard the chance to demonstrate their upcoming Web3 MOBA.

Development is underway for Wildcard.

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